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WebSite Design
If you are looking for a company which will listen to your requirements 
and produce a creative and customized site, stop, for you have reached.

We can do java applets, cgi, photo editing, special effects, custom backgrounds 
as good as the best on the net. 

We can also do powerful, effective copy writing, if required. Including development of slogans.

If you would rather do your own site creation, we may be able to assist
in developing animations, logos, or graphics.

If your site is well designed, even a few visitors could result in a sale. Otherwise.... 
Our work speaks for itself. 
Email us for pricing.

The hosting we provide is high band width with very low-downtime. 
Or to put it another way, state of the art hosting.

We can give you your own domain, such as http://Your_name.com.pk
or we can host you at our own servers at an address like http://PakPages.com/your_name.The costs are quite modest.
Ask us.
we can register a domain name for you for a very small amount.

Site Publicizing/Marketing
It is naturally not enough to have a website. People must know of it.

This aspect is unfortunately often overlooked.

As a routine, we publicize our clients' sites to a number of search 
engines FREE of charge, and we are often able to get them VERY
HIGH PLACEMENTS (e.g. on the first page of search results for
relevant key phrases) in the search engines.

If this is not enough...

We are more than willing to help client do his/her own site marketing.

On the other hand, if a website client, so wishes, we can also do the marketing ourselves, for very reasonable rates
Contact us for detail

Be wary of hype. 

Automated publicizing to hundreds of sites has very liitle effect on a site's traffic.

Also, remember that a few targetted visitors are better than hundreds of 
untargetted ones.

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